Dan Goes Wild

Hello and welcome to Dan Goes Wild, a new wildlife blog. My name is Dan and I shall be sharing with you my adventures in the great outdoors as well as discussing wildlife news and environmental issues from Britain and the beyond.

First of all, some context to where I live. Currently I live in the town of Ringwood which is in the South of England.

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Ringwood is a small town that lies in between the larger town of Bournemouth and the city of Southampton. Technically it’s in Hampshire but only just- we’re closer to most places in Dorset than those in Hampshire. We’re also right on the edge of the New Forest National Park, although not quite in it- when the national park was created a few years back Ringwood was deliberately left outside the border so that it wouldn’t face the stricter building quotas of the national park.

All this means is that I live in an excellent place for wildlife. Ringwood itself is mostly surrounded by farmland and with the New Forest, the river Avon and the coast all within a few miles its perfect.

I shall be posting pictures and reports about the wildlife I see both in my garden and the immediate vicinity as well as trips to nearby nature hotspots. See the slideshow below for a taster of the sort of thing I’ll be sharing here:

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