Urban Wildlife

People often seem to think that to see wildlife you have to specifically go somewhere to find it but that just isn’t the case. There’s wildlife everywhere if you look in the right places.

Often the wildlife will come to you. As a recent RSPB advert has said “build it and they will come”. Even the smallest of garden can house a bird feeder and if you keep it stocked up birds will find it. I live in the middle of a housing estate yet after years of feeding birds now get a fairly large variety of species.

New Picture (19)

But even when you are just going about your everyday life there is wildlife to be found. Put your phone away and start looking at the world around you and you might be surprised at what you will find. Here’s a fox which I spotted sat in the car park at work (in the middle of Bournemouth).


Yesterday I visited Sandbanks in Poole for a short walk. Sandbanks is one of the most expensive places to live in the country and is usually very busy, especially on a warm day like yesterday. There were people everywhere and a long queue in the cafe but sure enough, I found some wildlife.


It took some IDing for this one but I eventually discovered that it’s a turnstone. Turnstones are Winter visitors to British shores and have a Winter plumage that varies quite considerably from it’s Summer plumage.

There’s always something out there so keep your eyes peeled!

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