Live Bournemouth Peregrines

You can now watch live Peregrine Falcons on a webcam in Bournemouth! Just visit and there they are!


Peregrine falcons began to see regularly in Bournemouth from around 2005 and since 2009 a pair have nested every year on the Bournemouth and Poole College clock tower. There are few records of how successful they’ve been there but that all changes in 2016 with a new webcam.

The female peregrine laid four eggs in the early hours of the 15th March and the first egg hatched very recently, possibly yesterday. Here’s an image of that tiny first chick:


I have been watching on and off but there is no sign of the other eggs hatching just yet but we will just have to keep waiting. I have seen the first chick being fed what looked like a grey squirrel though which was great to see.

I shall be keeping an eye on the webcam and will update occasionally on the birds progress. My fingers are crossed that everything goes well!

[Source: Bournemouth Peregrines]

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